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Librabet is a relatively new bookmaker combined with an online casino, which has started to appear sequentially in more and more countries since 2017. Despite its relatively low popularity, Librabet is definitely a worthy choice.

Librabet – introducing the bookmaker

Among other casinos, it stands out first and foremost because of its exceptionally extensive selection of gambling games that you can play and win – in addition, Librabet makes it very easy to bet on the results of sports games, and also allows you to watch the results of games that take place live, which further allows you to get involved in the bets you make. All of this is made even more enjoyable by the fact that Librabet provides high sign-up bonuses for players who are new to the site; however, there’s a bit more about this later in the review.


Librabet can be accessed not only from a computer, but also from a phone or tablet; the bookmaker has its own app, which makes using its services on mobile devices much more enjoyable. On top of that, Librabet offers the possibility to play both with dealers and automated entertainment; whatever your preference, every player will find something just right here. The casino seamlessly supports the most popular online payment methods, including those made with Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards, as well as payments made using a PayPal account. The bookmaker’s interface is very clear and transparent, allowing the site to be navigated easily; all the most important elements of the casino are easily accessible to the user, making every visit to Librabet smooth and enjoyable. All these features combined make Librabet a very user-friendly portal for all users, no matter how much experience they have with this kind of entertainment. What else does Librabet have to offer and is it worth opening an account with this bookmaker?

Librabet starting bonus

LibraBet1Librabet offers a wide range of attractive starting bonuses that any new user can take advantage of; in the case of casino games this bonus goes up to as much as 2250 PLN and as many as 200 free spins. So if we plan to play mainly games such as roulette or poker, we can expect a really encouraging support from Librabet. In the case of sports betting, the bookmaker offers a combination of the first deposit with a bonus of up to PLN 750. This is a very solid incentive for every new player – of course, in order to receive these bonuses, one must first register with Librabet, make a first deposit of the appropriate amount and place the first few bets. Nevertheless, this is an extremely generous offer from the casino, making it much easier to get started. However, there are many more interesting offers that we can expect at Librabet – what else can we gain by choosing to play at this bookmaker and what does it provide for its players apart from the starting bonuses?

Librabet bonuses and promotions

As it soon turns out, starting bonuses are not all that this bookmaker has to offer its players – Librabet provides many other interesting bonuses for its regular players. Every day special events take place, during which loyalty points can be earned – they can be exchanged for various interesting prizes and bonuses, which will make further entertainment more pleasant. Such events include, among others, special tournaments, which may take place both in live games and in slots games. In addition, Librabet often offers its regular players such bonuses as free bets, among others; staying up to date pays off very well, as often these events appear only for a short, limited time. You certainly have to appreciate the fact that with this bookmaker something interesting is going on all the time – hardly a day goes by without something interesting happening, or without the opportunity to win a unique bonus making your time at Librabet much more pleasant.

Librabet sports betting

LibraBet2Librabet bookmaker offers primarily the possibility of sports betting. Thanks to an attractive starting bonus, starting the betting adventure could not be easier here; the intuitive interface allows us to browse a huge number of different sports games to be played in the future, the results of which we can bet on. Football betting is, of course, the most popular on Librabet, but you can also find many other sports here – for example, basketball, tennis and handball. Depending on your preferences, you can browse and bet on the games of your choice, and you will quickly get feedback on the outcome of your bet. The whole process is fast and transparent; placing bets is simple and does not take any unnecessary time. It’s definitely worth checking out Librabet’s offer if you’re passionate about a particular sport – or if you just enjoy browsing and betting on matches.

Librabet live sports betting

Librabet also allows you to bet on the results of matches that take place live – and then watch them in real time. Not all online bookmakers offer live sports betting, for which Librabet deserves a big plus. The whole process is extremely exciting; the bookmaker has ensured that its site works properly, making betting on and watching live matches a no-brainer. This is an interesting distinction from the more widely known betting on matches that will only take place some time later; many people appreciate the ability to bet on the outcome of sports games while they are still taking place. It’s worth considering if you’ve only used the latter method so far – Librabet has done well to make the experience exciting, seamless and hassle-free. Matches of various games take place around the clock – at any time of the day or night there will be something to bet on and win!

Librabet casino

In addition to sports betting, Librabet also has a very extensive casino games section. Here you can choose from an almost countless number of games from flagship manufacturers; you will find productions from providers such as Yggdrasil, Push Gaming and Amaya, among others. The automated process allows for smooth gameplay with no end in sight, quickly and efficiently allowing you to make more bets. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, which combined with attractive sign-up bonuses allows us to immediately delve into the entire library of casino games offered by Librabet. The huge selection of games ensures that there is never any room for boredom at this online casino; after a short while of browsing, there is always some new and interesting game that you have never had the chance to try before. It’s worth seeing for yourself what Librabet Casino has to offer – the number and quality of games on offer is truly impressive.

Librabet live casino

LibraBet3Equally impressive is the Librabet online casino’s live gaming offer – here you will find the most popular casino games, such as poker or roulette, which can be played live with croupiers on the other side of the screen. This perfectly captures the atmosphere of a real casino, making the gameplay this way very interesting, engaging and authentic. The live casino experience is incomparable to anything you would find in an online casino, whether you have played in a real casino before or not, an online live casino allows you to experience its unique atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. Librabet makes sure that every entertainment experience is fair and equitable for every player; take a look at the Librabet live casino games on offer and see for yourself that this is all true.

Librabet deposits

As with any other bookmaker and online casino, Librabet’s whole operation is based on the player making a deposit and then trading it in an appropriate manner to generate a profit. Payment can be made with most major credit cards, as well as with your PayPal account. Deposits are credited to your account after a short waiting period, allowing you to get straight down to the game of your choice. Depositing the correct amount is key to receiving the start-up bonuses described above; without this, unfortunately, you won’t receive any funds from Librabet to use during play. Simply making your first deposit is enough to enjoy all the benefits offered by Librabet; the entire library of casino games, sports betting and bonuses is open to you.

Librabet withdrawals

Withdrawals at Lirabet are fast, efficient and clear – for quite a few of the countries in which Librabet operates, it is even possible to withdraw money in the local currency of your choice. Like deposits, withdrawals can be made to most popular payment services, i.e. PayPal among others. Withdrawals at Libranet are made securely through known and verified third-party services – good news for anyone who prefers to avoid obscure ways of conducting payment transactions online. Librabet is a verified and licensed service, so players need not worry about its integrity. So there’s nothing left to do but make a deposit, find your favourite way to play and multiply your money to make a withdrawal soon!

Librabet support and contacts

LibraBet4Librabet has a very good customer support system; dedicated staff are available to assist players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to this, anyone who encounters any problem while playing on the Librabet portal or wishes to ask a question, can contact the bookmaker using one of two options – sending a traditional e-mail or heading straight to the live chat. Librabet’s helpful customer service will do their best to solve our problem or provide a comprehensive answer to our query; when contacting Librabet’s support department we can expect full professionalism and assistance. It is also worth adding that Librabet offers customer support in several different languages – this is a huge plus, as many online casinos and bookmakers do not provide such an option. Thanks to this, even people who do not speak languages other than their mother tongue can contact Librabet user support without any problems. No matter what happens during the game, Librabet customer support will make every effort to provide us with the highest comfort of entertainment.

Librabet summary

Librabet is a site that offers bookmaking and online casino services – and it provides both with the highest quality and attention to detail. Generous start-up bonuses help acclimatise you to the casino and bookmaker formula. The care for users, the multitude of games and bets that can be taken, and the user-friendly interface all add up to a portal that is genuinely solid and provides a service that delivers what it promises. The only drawback to be found with Librabet is that the translation of the site into languages other than English is sometimes a little underdeveloped – but this should not be a major problem. Overall, it is certainly a noteworthy site and deserves to be more popular than it is at the moment – surely many more users than at the moment would appreciate the originality and attention to detail that Librabet offers. If we have not yet found our favourite betting site, Librabet is certainly an interesting, reliable and safe choice, which is worth giving a chance.

Librabet signup bonus

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